Planning and Implementing a Farm Forestry Project


To successfully carry out a farm forestry project, the landholder must acquire some basic knowledge of what is required to grow healthy trees and must plan and monitor carefully all stages of the project. The members of SFFA have developed the Farm Forestry Manual and Planner, which is designed to provide this knowledge and to assist the landholder by guiding them through the planning and implementation of their project, as well as providing a format for this documentation.

It is designed to lead the prospective farm forester through the many steps involved in planning and implementing a farm forestry project in subtropical eastern Australia. The manual provides practical information on issues such as the status of farm forestry, relevant legislation, establishment, maintenance, marketing and taxation. The Planner Documents provide a format for recording all phases of the project, which then makes a good basis for a formal Business Plan. 

The Farm Forestry Manual and Planner is free for SFFA members

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