Since 1993, we have led the effort to bring back the forest to our farms. We have been at the forefront of farm forestry in the Northern Rivers of NSW.



Farm forestry is important for income diversity and long term commercial stability. At the same time it achieves a range of environmental and conservation benefits which enable farming to become more sustainable. Products range from timber, soil stability, beneficial wildlife, improved water values, shade for stock, windbreaks, natural pest control and other forest products like oils and medicines. Additional value can be gained from farm forestry through tax incentives, carbon credits, real estate and aesthetic values.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a farm that would not benefit from more tree cover or better forest management.
— Rowan Reid, Heartwood


  • To foster and promote the commercially viable, socially and ecological sustainable establishment and management of trees on private and public land.
  • To foster and promote all aspects of perennial tree crops through the establishment of special interest groups such as cabinet timbers, lobbying, plantation timbers, agroforestry, bushfoods, polyculture and any other activity deemed of sufficient interest to members.
  • To foster and facilitate co-operative marketing efforts and collective purchases of trees and materials for farm forestry purposes.
  • To promote and engage in educational programs, relevant research and extension, and the flow of information to those planting trees on private land.
  • In keeping with the above aims, to liaise with all other bodies including community, government and industry.