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The Subtropical Farm Forestry Association has been helping farm foresters and others, since 1993, in their endeavours to plan, design and implement farm forestry projects on their properties.


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quality timber traders (qtt)

QTT offers support to harvest your timber in a sustainable way.


bio project

The Biodiversity Connections project aims to encourage floral and faunal biodiversity through expanding wildlife corridors in the Border Ranges World Heritage Area and along the Great Eastern Ranges.


australian forest growers (AFG)

AFG is the national association representing private forestry and commercial tree-growing interests in Australia.

Master tree growers (mtg)

The MTG simply encourages farmers to truly aspire to be 'master tree growers' in their own right and provides some of the skills, support networks and confidence to launch them on that lifetime journey.

Australian government (merit)

Connecting high conservation areas in subtropical eastern Australia through link.

zero emissions byron (zeb)

The aim of Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) is to achieve zero emissions in the Byron Shire by 2025, so becoming a leading example for national application.